Dr. Sandra Vukovic
Dr. Allan Munzenmaier
Dr. Daria Friel



Drs. Sandra Vukovic and Daria Friel are proud to provide pediatric and general dentistry in Wallingford, Connecticut. Our friend and former dentist, Dr. Allan Munzenmaier, is retired from dentistry and has left his practice in the experienced and capable hands of Dr. Vukovic. When you visit our friendly, family-oriented practice, our experienced dentists will provide you with gentle care to meet your needs, using the latest technologies to ensure quick, comfortable treatments. We also have team members who speak both English and Spanish to accommodate your needs, and we are happy to welcome patients from throughout the nearby areas, including Cheshire, North Haven, Prospect, Meriden, Middletown, and New Haven, Connecticut, to visit us for personalized dental care. Please call us today for more information and to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentists!

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