Restore your smile with dentures in Wallingford, CT

Here at Wolfy Dental Group in Wallingford CT, we hope to help every patient keep his or her natural teeth healthy for life. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. However, missing teeth does not have to mean missing out on the joy of smiling and the ability to eat with ease. We offer several excellent tooth replacement solutions, including complete and partial dentures.


A complete denture, also known as a full denture, is the ideal solution when all teeth in an arch are missing. There are two types of complete dentures:

  • Traditional denture – This is a single appliance with a full set of teeth attached to a pink (gum colored) frame. An upper denture covers the gums and roof of your mouth. A lower denture covers the gums. We take impressions carefully to ensure that the appliance perfectly fits the contours of the soft tissue, forming a suction that holds it in place. Some people use denture adhesive for additional security, especially for lower dentures.
  • Implant supported denture – This appliance is like a traditional denture, except it has fittings that attach to dental implants. Therefore, it is more stable and does not require any adhesive to keep it firmly in place. For most people, implants are the preferred option. However, they do require surgery.


This a great choice for people who are missing one or several teeth. A partial denture is custom made to include replacement teeth set in a frame. It attaches to natural teeth, which keep it secure and in place. Partial dentures are removable for easy cleaning.

The alternative to partial dentures, for patients who prefer maximum stability, is dental implants. One or several implants can be placed and topped with custom-made restorations to replace any number of teeth. During your consultation we will discuss various options, explaining the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision.


Traditional dentures, dental bridges, or implant supported restorations are all good options with unique benefits. The only bad option is living with missing teeth, which can affect your appearance, confidence, and ability to eat. Please call us today at (203) 902-3629 to schedule a consultation

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