Options for dental fillings in Wallingford, CT

One of the simplest and most conservative restorations is a dental filling. It can stop the spread of decay, repair your tooth, and restore your oral health. Depending on the type of dental filling, it can also restore the appearance of the tooth. Wolfy Dental Group in Wallingford, CT offers quality dental to meet the needs of our patients.


This type of filling uses a “metal free” composite resin, which is applied to the tooth and then hardened. We adjust the color of the resin to precisely match your tooth enamel.

The advantages of composite fillings include:

  • Cosmetic – The result is natural looking, and therefore much more aesthetically pleasing than amalgam. When the procedure is complete, your tooth will look whole and natural – no one would guess that you had a cavity.
  • Conservative – The decayed tooth material needs to be removed before any filling is placed. However, the cavity also needs to be shaped to retain an amalgam filling. Composite material is placed in layers and adheres to the surface, so we can preserve more of the natural tooth structure.
  • Less drilling – Minimal tooth preparation means less time listening to the dental drill.
  • Versatile – In addition to filling cavities, composite material can also be used to repair small chips, cover exposed portions of the tooth root, reshape teeth, hide discolored areas, and make other cosmetic improvements. This technique is also known as dental bonding.
  • Appropriate for small children – What dental fillings are made of is important when treating children under the age of six. Composites are the safest dental fillings for that age group.


In keeping with our commitment to patient safety, Wolfy Dental Group is an amalgam-free dental office. This material is a metal alloy, which is made of silver, tin, copper, and mercury. Research has proven that amalgam fillings release mercury vapor into the mouth, particularly when an individual is chewing.

In a statement issued on September 24, 2020 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) expressed concerns about the uncertainties regarding mercury exposure levels associated with amalgam. They recommended against amalgam fillings for the following groups:

  • People with certain allergies or sensitivities
  • People with impaired kidney function or pre-existing neurological diseases
  • Children, particularly those under the age of six
  • Women who are pregnant, plant to become pregnant, or who are breast-feeding infants


Decay spreads. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become. If you have a cavity, call us at (203) 902-3629 right away.


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